all about bd

Bernhard Drax is an award-winning filmmaker, musician & former radio news guy, originally from Munich, Germany.

With 6 solo albums to his credit (available on itunes or amazon) and numerous recordings as sideman, he should probably relax on the beach with his 10-year old. Instead, he is scoring movie after movie after movie, supplying EMMY-nominated documentaries with immersive media, producing machinima for corporate and non-profit clients all the while working on new music.

After a day's work Bernhard can often still be found in Second Life, playing with his avatar friends. Chances are you catch him there!

[*** addendum: this website is not being updated much since social media sites enable folks to stay in touch a lot easier. Pick your poison & look elsewhere for bd-related news: there is quite a lot. And don't forget to pick up some merch while you browse! Thank you!]